Core language

Basic types

All basic types are supported except weak arrays and objects; object-oriented code does not work yet. For values whose type is supported all core operations are possible.

Integers are 32 bits wide, not 31 bits.

There may be differences in the string/numeric conversions.


Channels are limited: You cannot freely select the opening mode; only the following two modes are possible: Non-blocking mode and selection of text or binary mode are silently ignored.

If the file you open is located somewhere in the net you can only read it.

Files are always sequential.

The functions output_value and input_value do not work yet.

Standard library: Hashing

The polymorphic hash primitive does not work yet. But you can use Hashtbl if you provide your own hash function.

Standard library: System functions

The following functions do not work yet:

Standard library: Lexers and Parsers

Neither lexers nor parsers work.

Standard library: Unclear

Many functions of the standard library have not yet been tested very well. Especially the following modules may be problematic: Filename, Printf


There is a library which is intended to be compatible with Str. The compiler for regular expressions has been written in OCaml itself while the execution of prepared expression is done by a Java class.


In this library you find special functions dealing with the environment of applets. See the file net_runtime.mli and the introduction JavaCaml and JavaScript can cooperate.

Other libraries

At the moment, none of the other libraries nor the toplevel library can be used.