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GODI (Until Around 2013)

The GODI package manager

These are the old GODI pages. As of now (2015) it is still possible to install GODI, but the newest OCaml version is 4.01. Essentially this is an archive of OCaml from versions 3.07 to 4.01, together with library packages. As this software is not maintained anymore, please be aware that ... (read more)


An O'Caml bytecode interpreter for Java

The goal of this project was to run O'Caml bytecode in a Java VM. This was accomplished by reimplementing the bytecode interpreter in Java. In 1998, when Java was fresh and innocent, this was a really cool idea, and maybe it still is. However, at that time the Java runtime was ... (read more)


Never completed bindings for the Informix DBMS

Some years ago, I developed a DBMS driver called OcamlDB targeting the Adabas (an antecedent of MaxDB) and Informix DBMS. This driver is not continued. Maybe the source code is still interesting for similar projects. The following paragraphs are the only available documentation: This is an early release of a DBMS ... (read more)

OMake (Until Around 2010)

The OMake Build Utility

This is a copy of from 2015, actually reflecting the state until around 2010. (read more)

Programming with Objective Caml

The document tree from the former site

The site has been shut down, and is now replaced by the more modern camlcity approach. Nevertheless, the contents of the old site are still available. Here you can browse through the old document tree. Note that this content is no longer maintained, and that links may be outdated. The ... (read more)

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