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GODI is discontinued. This is the archived content of the former site
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GODI Packages

Name Version Released Comment
apps-aifad 2.0.1godi1 2012-07-16 A machine learning tool for structured data.
apps-alt-ergo 0.9.5 2013-01-16 Automated first-order theorem prover
apps-bigbro 2.0.4godi4 2012-06-08 An http link checker.
apps-camlmix 1.3.0godi1 2012-06-08 OCaml-stuffed templates
apps-cduce 0.5.5 2012-06-08 XML-oriented functional language
apps-ceve 1.0.1 2012-06-08 Parser for many package formats
apps-cmigrep 1.3godi1 2012-06-08 module exploration utility
apps-coq 8.4.1 2013-02-15 Interactive proof assistant
apps-cppo 0.9.2 2012-06-08 cpp for OCaml
apps-ergo 0.7.3 2012-06-08 DEPRECATED: ergo is now called alt-ergo. This package is only here to ease the transisition.
apps-felix 1.1.1godi1 2012-06-08 Felix Compiler
apps-frama-c 20111001godi4 2012-09-12 Modular C static analyser
apps-godiva 0.9.7 2012-06-08 High-level tool for simplifying the creation of GODI packages.
apps-headache 1.03 2012-06-08 Tool for managing headers in source code files
apps-hevea 2.00 2012-09-04 Latex-to-HTML converter
apps-jsondiff 0.0.1godi1 2012-06-08 JSON sensitive diff.
apps-ledit 2.03 2012-06-08 Line editor wrapper
apps-nurpawiki 1.2.2 2012-06-08 Wiki + To-Do list
apps-oasis 0.3.0 2012-06-28 Architecture for building OCaml libraries and applications
apps-obrowser 1.1.1godi1 2012-11-27 OCaml bytecode interpreter in Javascript
apps-ocamldsort 0.14.3 2012-06-08 Sort OCaml source files according to their dependencies
apps-ocamlify 0.0.1 2012-06-08 include files in OCaml code
apps-ocamlmod 0.0.6 2013-11-22 Generate OCaml modules from source files.
apps-ocamltop-gtk 2.1 2012-12-15 Gtk2 graphical interface for the OCaml toplevel
apps-ocamlweb 1.36 2012-06-08 literate programming tool for Objective Caml
apps-ocsigen 1.3.4 2012-10-25 Framework for web programming
apps-ocsigen-bundler 0.5.0godi1 2012-12-27 Create self-contained Ocsigen server
apps-oqamldebug 0.9.2 2013-01-14 Graphical front-end to ocamldebug
apps-otags 4.00.1 2012-12-09 TAGS file generation for vim/emacs
apps-pkglab 1.1godi1 2012-12-24 Distribution navigator
apps-planets 0.1.12 2012-06-08 Planet simulation
apps-regstab 1.4.8godi2 2012-12-25 A SAT-Solver able to deal with formulae patterns.
apps-sekred 0.2.0 2013-10-26 Password manager for automatic installation.
apps-tart 1.0.1 2012-06-08 Package distributor
apps-tdir 1.1.1godi6 2012-12-24 Translation Directory
apps-umlmon 1.0.6godi1 2012-06-08 A system monitor for User Mode Linux
apps-umlmon-web 1.0.6 2012-06-08 A system monitor for User Mode Linux
apps-unison 2.40.63 2012-06-08 File synchronizer
apps-why 2.31godi3 2012-12-24 Verification condition generator for various systems
apps-why3 0.73godi2 2012-09-14 Next generation of software verification platform Why
apps-wyrd 1.4.1godi3 2012-12-27 Curses calendar app
apps-zenon 0.5.0 2012-06-08 "first-order automated theorem prover generating coq output"
base-curl 7.14.0 2012-06-08 The version of CURL for GODI
base-expat 1.95.7godi3 2012-06-08 The version of expat for GODI
base-gdbm 1.8.3godi6 2012-06-08 The GNU database manager
base-pcre 7.7godi1 2012-06-08 The version of PCRE for GODI
base-plan9-mk 1.6 2012-06-08 The make utility from Plan9
base-subversion-client 1.0.6 2012-06-08 The subversion client allows direct access to GODI repositories
conf-bdb 1 2012-06-08 Configures which bdb library to use
conf-curl 3 2012-06-08 Configures which curl library to use
conf-expat 7 2012-06-08 Configures which expat library to use
conf-freetype2 1godi3 2012-06-08 Configures which freetype2 library to use
conf-gdbm 4 2012-10-23 Configures which gdbm library to use
conf-gdk-pixbuf1 1 2012-06-08 Configures which gdk-pixbuf for gtk 1.x library to use
conf-gif 1godi2 2012-06-08 Configures which gif library to use
conf-git 1 2012-06-08 Configures which git command to use
conf-glade1 1 2012-06-08 Configures which glade for gtk 1.x library to use
conf-glut 6 2012-06-08 Configures which glut library to use
conf-gmp 1 2012-06-08 Configures which gmp library to use
conf-gnome1 1 2012-06-08 Configures which gnome 1.x library to use
conf-gs 1godi1 2012-06-08 Configures which Ghostscript interpreter to use
conf-gtk1 1 2012-06-08 Configures which gtk 1.x library to use
conf-gtkgl1 1 2012-06-08 Configures which gtkgl for gtk 1.x library to use
conf-jpeg 2godi1 2012-06-08 Configures which jpeg library to use
conf-libevent 1 2012-06-08 Configures which libevent library to use
conf-magic 0 2012-12-15 Configures which magic library to use
conf-mysql 2 2012-06-08 Configures which mysql library to use
conf-ncurses 1 2012-06-08 Configures which ncurses library to use
conf-opengl 6 2012-06-08 Configures which opengl libraries to use
conf-pcre 13 2012-07-20 Configures where to find pcre-config for configuring the build process
conf-png 1godi2 2012-06-08 Configures which png library to use
conf-popt 1 2012-06-08 Configures which popt library to use
conf-postgres 1 2012-07-16 Configures which PostgreSQL client library to use
conf-rpm 2 2012-06-08 Configures which rpm library to use
conf-sdl 3 2012-06-08 Configures which SDL library to use
conf-tcltk 11 2012-06-08 Configures which tcl/tk libraries to use
conf-tiff 2godi1 2012-06-08 Configures which tiff library to use
conf-unixodbc 2 2012-06-08 Configures which unixodbc library to use
conf-x11 5 2012-06-08 Configures which X11 library to use
conf-xpm 1godi1 2012-06-08 Configures which xpm library to use
conf-zlib 2 2012-06-08 Configures which zlib library to use
godi-alphacaml 20061214 2012-06-08 A tool that helps deal with alpha-conversion issues.
godi-ancient 0.9.0 2012-06-08 adds a third generation to the memory manager
godi-annexlib 0.13.5 2012-06-08 a bunch of cool stuff
godi-ansicolor 0.5 2012-06-08 Simple ANSI terminal color library.
godi-ansiterminal 0.3 2012-06-08 ANSI terminal library.
godi-atd 1.0.1godi1 2012-06-08 Syntax for cross-language data types
godi-atdgen 1.2.2 2012-06-08 Code generator for biniou and JSON serialization
godi-batteries 1.4.1godi1 2012-10-23 a community-maintained foundation library for OCaml
godi-benchmark 1.2 2012-12-15 simple benchmark functions
godi-bindlib 3.2godi1 2012-12-24 library and camlp4 extension for data-structures with bound variables
godi-biniou 1.0.5 2012-10-21 Flexible binary data format
godi-bisect 1.3 2013-01-20 A code coverage tool.
godi-bitstring 2.0.3 2012-10-15 Erlang-style bitstrings and matching over bitstrings as a syntax extension
godi-bolt 1.1 2012-06-08 A logging tool.
godi-cache 1.0 2012-06-08 Distributed caching service
godi-cairo 1.2godi2 2012-12-24 ocaml binding for cairo
godi-calendar 2.03.2godi1 2012-10-21 Operations over dates and times.
godi-caml2html 1.4.3 2012-10-21 HTML and LaTeX colored syntax from OCaml source files
godi-camlidl 1.05godi1 2012-06-08 Stub generator
godi-camlimages 4.0.1godi2 2013-04-22 Objective Caml image processing library
godi-camlp4-manual 20051029godi1 2012-06-08 The manuals for Camlp4
godi-camlp5 6.07godi1 2012-10-08 pre-processor-pretty-printer for ocaml
godi-camltemplate 1.0.2godi1 2012-12-24 A library for generating text from templates.
godi-camomile 0.8.3 2012-06-08 Camomile is a comprehensive Unicode library for OCaml.
godi-cducews 0.1godi1 2012-06-08 A library for CDuce for Web Services prototyping.
godi-cfg 2.0.0godi2 2012-08-07 OCaml library for manipulating context-free grammars
godi-cil 1.3.6godi3 2012-06-08 C Intermediate Language
godi-cmdliner 0.9.3godi1 2013-11-07 Declarative definition of command line interfaces.
godi-config-file 1.1 2012-12-15 library used to manage the configuration file(s) of an application
godi-core-mk 1.2.19godi1 2012-06-08 The make framework of GODI
godi-core-pkgtools 20050829 2012-06-08 GODI package tools
godi-core-script 0.5 2012-06-08 Support library for GODI scripts
godi-crypt 1.0godi1 2012-06-08 crypt library binding
godi-cryptgps 0.2.1 2012-06-08 cryptographic algorithms DES, 3DES, Blowfish
godi-cryptokit 1.3 2012-06-08 Cryptographic primitives
godi-curl 0.5.3godi2 2012-06-22 Bindings for libcurl
godi-deriving-ocsigen 0.3c 2012-06-08 An extension for deriving functions from type declarations.
godi-dose2 1.1godi2 2012-06-08 Libraries for package distribution management
godi-dum 1.0.0godi2 2012-06-08 Dumper supporting cyclic values.
godi-dypgen 20111127 2012-06-08 dypgen is a GLR parser generator for Objective Caml, it is able to generate self-extensible parsers and extensible lexers for the parsers it produces.
godi-easy-format 1.0.0godi1 2012-06-08 Indentation made easy(ier)
godi-eliom 2.2.2 2012-10-25 Part of ocsigen
godi-event 0.6.0godi2 2012-06-08 Bindings for libevent
godi-expat 0.9.1godi2 2012-06-08 Bindings for the expat XML parser
godi-extlib 1.5.2 2012-06-27 User-supported Extended Standard Library
godi-facile 1.1godi1 2012-12-24 A Functional Constraint Library
godi-fftw 0.1godi4 2012-06-08 Discrete Fourier Transform (FFTW version 2)
godi-findlib 1.5.5 2014-10-23 The findlib/ocamlfind package manager
godi-findlib-browser 0.2.3 2012-06-08 CGI to browse findlib-managed packages
godi-flexdll 0.30godi6 2012-07-08 flexdll emulates Unix-style dynamic linking on Win32
godi-frontc 3.1godi3 2012-06-08 Parser for the C language
godi-gallium-docs 20090112 2012-06-08 Docs from Gallium about camlp4 and ocamlbuild
godi-getopt 20040420 2012-06-08 Parsing of command line arguments
godi-gsl 1.11.0 2012-09-16 GSL bindings for OCaml
godi-gtktop 2.0 2012-12-15 OCaml library to ease the creation of graphical toplevels.
godi-hweak 1.1 2012-06-08 Weak hash table and downcast.
godi-hydro 0.7.1godi1 2012-07-23 The ICE protocol
godi-inifiles 1.2godi1 2012-07-23 ini format config file parsing
godi-jingoo 1.2.2 2013-11-07 OCaml template engine compatible with jinja2
godi-jsofocaml 1.3.2 2013-03-12 Js_of_ocaml is a compiler of OCaml bytecode to Javascript
godi-json 1.0godi2 2012-06-08 Data marshalling with JSON
godi-json-static 0.9.8godi1 2012-06-08 JSON validator and converter for OCaml
godi-json-wheel 1.0.6godi1 2012-06-08 Standard-compliant JSON implementation
godi-kaputt 1.2 2012-10-21 A unit testing tool.
godi-lablgl 1.04godi1 2012-06-08 OpenGL interface
godi-lablgtk 1.2.6godi6 2012-06-08 An object-oriented interface to GTK
godi-lablgtk2 20120823 2012-09-04 An object-oriented interface to GTK2
godi-lablgtk2-extras 1.3 2012-12-15 libraries and modules useful when developing OCaml/LablGtk2 applications
godi-lablgtksourceview 0.2.1godi1 2012-06-08 bindings for the gtksourceview library.
godi-lacaml 7.0.2godi1 2012-08-07 Linear algebra library interfacing LAPACK and BLAS
godi-lua-ml 2.5_20060829 2012-06-08 Lua interpreter
godi-lwt 2.4.2godi3 2013-06-11 Light-weight threading library
godi-magic 0.7.3 2012-12-15 binding for libmagic
godi-manual 20110719 2012-10-22 The GODI manual for users and developers
godi-menhir 20140422 2014-04-28 A LR(1) parser generator for Objective Caml.
godi-mikmatch_pcre 1.0.4godi1 2012-06-08 Pattern matching extended with regexps in Ocamllex syntax
godi-missinglib 0.4.1godi2 2012-06-08 A collection of various utilities for O'Caml
godi-mlgmp 0.13 2012-06-08 an ocaml binding to the gnu gmp library
godi-mlpost 0.8.1godi1 2012-09-04 ocaml interface for Metapost
godi-netamqp 1.0godi2 2012-07-23 client for AMQP message-queue protocol
godi-ocaml 4.00.1godi1 2012-11-22 The core of the OCaml system (compiler, runtime)
godi-ocaml-all 3 2012-10-23 Meta pkg for all of the ocaml distribution
godi-ocaml-csv 1.1.6 2012-06-08 CSV library for OCaml
godi-ocaml-data-notation 0.0.11 2013-11-22 Store data using OCaml notation
godi-ocaml-dbm 1.0 2012-10-23 Bindings to NBDM/GDBM
godi-ocaml-expect 0.0.5 2014-02-10 Expect-like framework
godi-ocaml-fileutils 0.4.2 2012-06-08 Library to provide pure OCaml functions to manipulate real file (POSIX like) and filename
godi-ocaml-gettext 0.3.4godi2 2012-06-26 Library for i18n of OCaml libraries and programs using gettext
godi-ocaml-graphics 4.00.1 2012-10-06 The "graphics" library of OCaml
godi-ocaml-http 0.1.3godi1 2012-06-08 Do it yourself http daemon, like HTTP::Daemon in perl
godi-ocaml-inotify 1.0 2012-06-14 Binding to inotify
godi-ocaml-labltk 4.00.1 2012-10-06 The labltk and camltk libraries, ocamlbrowser
godi-ocaml-mad 0.4.3 2012-06-08 OCaml bindings for the mad library.
godi-ocaml-manual 4.00 2012-07-26 The manual for OCaml
godi-ocaml-markdown 0.1.0godi1 2012-06-26 Markdown preprocessor
godi-ocaml-mysql 1.0.4godi1 2012-06-08 Bindings for interacting with MySQL databases from ocaml.
godi-ocaml-sqlexpr 0.4.1godi2 2012-06-26 Type-safe, convenient SQLite database access.
godi-ocaml-src 4.00.1godi3 2014-06-18 OCaml sources (required for GODI builds)
godi-ocaml-ssl 0.4.6 2012-06-08 The Secure Socket Layer
godi-ocaml-taglib 2.0 2012-06-08 OCaml bindings for the taglib library.
godi-ocaml-text 0.6 2012-10-21 A library dealing with text as sequence of unicode characters.
godi-ocaml-uint 1.0.2godi2 2012-06-08 Unsigned ints for OCaml
godi-ocaml-unidiff 0.0.1godi1 2013-10-26 Unified diff format functions
godi-ocaml-xdg-basedir 0.0.2godi1 2012-06-26 XDG basedir location for data/cache/configuration files
godi-ocaml-xml-rpc 0.2.6 2012-06-08 xml rpc server and client library
godi-ocaml-zmq 0pre20111029godi2 2012-06-08 OCaml bindings for ZMQ 2.1
godi-ocamlbdb 4.3.21 2012-06-08 OCaml interface to Berkeley-DB
godi-ocamlbuild-manual 200702 2012-06-08 The manual for ocamlbuild
godi-ocamlcore-api 0.0.3godi1 2012-06-26 Access to API
godi-ocamldap 2.1.8godi3 2012-07-23 LDAP network protocol
godi-ocamldbi 0.9.11godi1 2012-06-08 Database access independent of DBMS type
godi-ocamlgraph 1.8.2 2012-06-08 ocamlgraph is a graph library for Objective Caml
godi-ocamlmakefile 6.37.0 2012-07-16 Generic Makefile to build OCaml projects
godi-ocamlmpi 1.01 2012-06-08 MPI bindings for OCaml.
godi-ocamlnet 3.7.6 2014-09-16 base library for network protocols
godi-ocamlnet-crypto 3.7.6 2014-09-16 crypto extension for ocamlnet
godi-ocamlnet-gtk1 3.5.1 2012-07-19 Glib/gtk1 extension for ocamlnet
godi-ocamlnet-gtk2 3.7.6 2014-09-16 Glib/gtk2 extension for ocamlnet
godi-ocamlnet-pcre 3.7.6 2014-09-16 PCRE extension for ocamlnet
godi-ocamlnet-ssl 3.7.6 2014-09-16 SSL extension for ocamlnet
godi-ocamlnet-tcl 3.7.6 2014-09-16 tcl extension for ocamlnet
godi-ocamlnet-zip 3.7.6 2014-09-16 zip extension for ocamlnet
godi-ocamlodbc-unixodbc 2.10godi1 2012-06-08 Database access via ODBC
godi-ocamlrss 2.0godi1 2012-06-26 RSS 2.0 parser and printer
godi-ocamlscript 2.0.2godi1 2012-06-08 native code scripts
godi-ocamlsdl 0.7.2godi3 2012-06-08 SDL, the Simple Direct Layer for video, audio, input devices
godi-ocamlviz 1.01 2012-06-08 A real-time profiling tool
godi-occduce 0.2 2012-06-08 An extension for Ocsigen that allows webpages in CDuce.
godi-ocs 1.0.1godi1 2012-06-08 Embeddable Scheme written in Ocaml
godi-ocsigenserver 2.1 2012-10-25 Web server in ocaml.
godi-odisco 0.1.1godi1 2012-06-08 Library for writing Disco map-reduce jobs in OCaml
godi-omake 2014-08-27 The OMake Build System.
godi-oni 1.00_rc8godi1 2012-06-08 Oni - assorted components for low-level networking
godi-ott 0.20.3 2012-06-08 Tool for the working semanticist.
godi-ounit 2.0.0godi2 2013-10-22 Unit test framework for OCaml
godi-pa_monad_custom 6.0.0 2012-12-15 Syntactic Sugar for Monads
godi-parmap 0.9.8godi100 2012-06-08 a minimalistic library for multicore programming.
godi-password_gen 1.0 2012-06-08 Pronouncable password generator library
godi-pcre 7.0.2godi3 2012-08-07 Perl Compatibility Regular Expressions
godi-pgocaml 1.6 2012-12-25 type-safe interface to PostgreSQL
godi-plasma 0.6.2godi2 2012-11-07 Distributed filesyste, key/value db, and map/reduce
godi-pomap 3.0.0godi1 2012-08-07 OCaml library for manipulating partially ordered maps
godi-postgres-af 20040120godi1 2012-07-16 Bindings for Postgres database clients
godi-postgresql 2.0.0 2012-08-07 Bindings for PostgreSQL database clients
godi-pxp 1.2.4 2013-05-31 PXP is an advanced XML parser
godi-pycaml 20111005 2012-06-08 Embed Python interpreter
godi-qtest 2.0.0 2013-01-20 Quick Unit Tests for OCaml
godi-re 0.1 2012-06-08 Regular expressions
godi-react 0.9.2 2012-06-08 A module for functional reactive programming (FRP).
godi-res 4.0.1godi2 2012-08-07 OCaml library for resizable arrays and strings
godi-schoca 0.2.3godi1 2012-06-08 Scheme interpreter written by OCaml.
godi-sha 1.8 2012-12-15 binding for SHA interface code in OCaml
godi-sonet 0.1.1godi2 2012-06-08 Simple asynchronous network programming library.
godi-sqlite3 2.0.1godi1 2012-08-07 Bindings for SQLite3 database clients
godi-syslog 1.2godi1 2012-06-08 syslog client
godi-tools 1.6.1godi1 2012-06-08 godi_console and other tools for GODI
godi-tools-gui 0.2.1alpha 2013-01-15 a gtk based gui for godi_console
godi-tophide 1.0.0godi2 2012-10-21 Hides toplevel values whose name starts with an underscore.
godi-type_conv 108.07.01godi1 2012-12-21 Library factoring out common functionality for type converters.
godi-tyxml 2.1 2012-10-25 A parser and printer for xml.
godi-ulex 1.0 2012-06-08 Lexer generator with support for Unicode
godi-wdialog 2.1.3godi2 2013-06-03 Framework for web applications
godi-wdialog-manual 2.1.1 2012-06-08 The manual for WDialog
godi-webdav 1.1godi3 2013-07-21 Client for WebDAV
godi-xml-light 2.2godi1 2012-06-08 minimal XML parser & pretty printer
godi-xmlm 1.1.0godi2 2012-06-26 Streaming XML IO for OCaml
godi-xstr 0.2.1 2012-06-08 additional string functions
godi-xstrp4 1.8 2012-06-08 camlp4 macros for inline expansion
godi-yojson 1.0.3 2012-06-08 JSON library succeeding to json-wheel
godi-zarith 1.1godi1 2013-01-14 arithmetic operations over arbitrary-precision integers
godi-zip 1.04godi2 2012-12-24 Bindings for zlib
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