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Chapter 1  Guide

If you are new to OMake, you the omake-quickstart presents a short introduction that describes how to set up a project. The omake-build-examples gives larger examples of build projects, and omake-language-examples presents programming examples.

What's new in OMake.
Quickstart 3
A quickstart guide to using omake.
Build examples 4
Advanced build examples.
The OMake language 5
The omake language, including a description of objects, expressions, and values.
Variables and naming 6
Variables, names, and environments.
Language discussion 7
Further discussion on the language, including scoping, evaluation, and objects.
Language examples 8
Additional language examples.
Build rules 9
Defining and using rules to build programs.
Base builtin functions 10
Functions and variables in the core standard library.
System functions 11
Functions on files, input/output, and system commands.
Shell commands 12
Using the omake shell for command-line interpretation.
The standard objects 13
Pervasives defines the built-in objects.
Standard build definitions 14
The build specifications for programming languages in the OMake standard library.
Standard autoconfiguration functions and variables 15
The utilities provoded by the OMake standard library to simplify programming of autoconfiguration tests.
Parsers 16
For now, there is one documented parser, a parser for C programs.
Bindings to other languages 17
Bindings, including GTK 2+, ODBC, and Fuse.
The interactive command interpreter 21
The osh command-line interpreter.
OMake command-line options A
Command-line options for omake.
The OMake language grammar B
A more precise specification of the OMake language.
All the documentation on a single page
All the OMake documentation in a single page.
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Index:  All • Variables • Functions • Objects • Targets • Options
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